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It Was Saturday, 10_6_01...

And we all drove to Sacramento, stopping on the way to get dinner at In-n-Out Burger with money that Lindsay's mom had given us.

Allegra noticed that all the suburbanites were staring at us at this particular restaurant, and it's funny how they won't stare in our small town but they will make no mistake about staring and loudly telling their little ones not to look in that big one.

Boo to them. Ha ha I am glad they were scared.

So we get to the party, and it doesn't even seem like we will make any friends 'cos everyone recognises Lindsay as Robert's girl, but Allegra and I as two weird out-of-towners. After a while though, we started making it a point to mingle and had discovered our primaries and secondaries. (And in my case, the heart-shocking thirds, fourths, and fifths.)

I saw some cute people standing around the pool table. One was named Kyle. He looked like John Higgins. One was named Terry. He looked like Double D from Ed Edd N Eddy, complete with gap-tooth grin and everything. One was named Brandon. He looked like Damon Albarn.

I decided to go play pool so that I could perhaps make their acquaintance. Even though I don't know how to play pool. So Allegra joined me and we pranced around together acting all cute and innocent and trying to soak up as much attention as we could.

And then we all kind of dispersed and mingled with a bunch of people and I got really drunk. Because Brandon made me a screwdriver... that was too strong. And then Robert pointed me in the direction of a bottle of champagne (I asked him for cheap wine) I drank lots of champagne and my face went numb.

And Lindsay said that I kept talking about Stefan all night. I am glad.

And then Brandon kissed me. True, I didn't stop it, but still. That shouldn't have happened. He was 22. I am 17. He knew how old I was. But he spent the whole night trying to get me in rooms that were dark and whose doors were closed. When I finally called him on it saying, "How long have you been trying to do this to me?"

He said, "I don't know...since I made you the drink. I just wanted to kiss you. I know you're not going to have sex with me. But I figured I'd see how far it could go."

He got on top of me, and I told him he could go to jail. He didn't say anything. But he got the fuck off of me and fell asleep. And he snored. Disgusting.

Stefan doesn't snore.

The worst part was that the next morning when he woke up and stumbled into the kitchen, he had a really bad hangover. He no longer looked like Damon Albarn... no. He looked like a dwarfish, poorly-postured, owl creature in horrible need of a shave.

What a bastard. Several funny things happened that evening, but it was all drowned out by my disgust.

Jameson stuck his arm in the fan to get it from clicking and it made a really funny noise.

Joe told me about the glitter factory. Ha. :D

Dustin explained to me that he was wearing a woman's cowboy hat and a carpet jacket because he was a pimp.

I felt like shit... I think I had my first real hangover.

I almost got sick all over Lindsay's car.

I got home and the first thing I did was call Stefan. I asked him if we could please hang out. He said yes. I love him.

We hung out Sunday. Everything is fine.

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