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There is a bear here staring at me with a white and red sweater on, made of wood.

One of my favourite things to talk about is what kind of bra would be cool. This one time I had a conversation with some of my friends about how it would be weird if there was a bra made of wood. It would have to be sanded and lacquered so that you wouldn't get any splinters, and the straps couldn't be made of wood.. they would have to be made of like chains or something. Maybe if it was little itsy bitsy wooden link chain they could be made of wood. I think I am obsessed with wood. It all started after this one episode of SGC2C* when Tad referred to the Mad Comber of Comb Mountain. He said that he would ask his victims, "Part on the right, or the left?" and then he would comb them to death. The Mad Comber had eyes made of wood... and hooks for feet! Hooks for feet! So please, tell me how you feel about the wooden bra!

*Space Ghost Coast to Coast
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