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She Never Leaves On The Light

I got to use my car last night. At the price of answering the phone this morning and my father asking, "Katie, why was your car gone when I got up to go to work this morning."

"I told you last night dad," I reply. "I went to Karen's and spent the night, and I told you this and you said, 'Go talk to your mother about this, I really don't want to talk to you right now'."

After which I gave my mom the phone. My dad didn't really care. I just think he wanted me to know he noticed.

I got to Stefan's right after Invader Zim had ended and he and Aaron were in his room playing Grand Turismo on Playstation. Then Aaron declared it was time to go and he asked me if I was gonna be drinking. I told him no, tonight I was going to be the designated driver. So yes. I got to drive my car to Morgan's party.

On the way there, Aaron was hanging my monkey out the window and making it squeak at the other cars. And we got really lost in Concord. It took about an hour and a half to find Morgan's house because he couldn't remember the directions that Warren gave him OR the way that he went to take her home last time. And because we got lost, we had to hear the same music over and over, which reminds me that I have to make some good tapes.

I am going to make one full of R&B/Hip-hop music and call it "Ghetto Wonderland"... I wish I had Crispin Glover back...

Anyway, we get to Morgan's house and then they all proceed to get drunk and stoned, and then they thought it was a good idea to get the dog stoned, so the dog got stoned.

Then Morgan hooked me up with an Army sweater and we watched the Crocodile Hunter and Warren and her got tired so we basically got thrown out at 2.30.

We got back to Benicia and Aaron told me not to worry about going to SF because he didn't call Claire and warn her. I dropped him off, and then I dropped Stefan off and he gave me a hug.

Then I drove to Karen's and I was incredibly paranoid about the rollers catching me driving at three am with a new license.

But I got there safe and kept Jessica awake eating food and stuff.

And then we slept in a bed where a dead lady died and actually got to sleep around 5.30 am.

And then I drove home at 8.45.

After I update this new journal I just made, I am going to bed.

And then I will wake up and probably post more.

Because that's how my life is.

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