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Glitter Babies...

Bob, everyone knows Green Bay is not in December!!

So the party is in LA. Gunnar and I are taking turns driving down there. How am I gonna pull this one off? Jesus.

Matt called him today while we were watching The Birds to inform him of a party in Tracy on Saturday. I guess I was invited.

Then Matt started talking about Janette and Stefan said, "Yeah she's not really my type." I hope she'll never be his type.

When he got off the phone I started giggling and teasing him about it, "Stefan's got a girlfriend!! Just another notch under the belt, eh? Just another girl who you swept off of her feet!"

"What?" He said "There's no girl-sweeping!! Besides, Matt said that Craig and Arik and [name with-held] all liked YOU."

DUN-DUN-DUN!! The plot thickens!! I wonder how long he knew about all this... and if it was for long, why didn't he say anything?

It thickens, it bubbles, it boils, it bursts. I didn't tape Space Ghost. I feel like a bad fan.

Should I go Saturday? There is a rave that day as well and Bobby Wasabi told me that Mouse would be sad if I didn't come because he made me some kandy with my rave-name on it. I honestly thought Mouse would have forgotten. But he didn't. And I don't want to make him sad. If I get the money, I'm going... if not, I'm going to visit Tracy as a package deal and see how drunk Stefan has to be before he and Janette get together.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek before I left tonight. He makes me happy but I don't know what to make of anything anymore. When have I ever?


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