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Here Is The Money That I Owe You...

I can't believe she refers to it as head-pigeons. She can't just come out and say, "Guess what? I hear voices too!"?

And on another note, I don't like him anymore. Even though he said he likes my bangs. That's right, the stupid floppity ones.

All of my friends have perpetual boyfriends. I have perpetual dead-end crushes which eventually fizzle out because I get bored or because I get frustrated because they never go anywhere.

Or, [in Matt's case, the bastard] the boy makes me believe that he has some sort of feelings for me, and then drops me like I'm hot.

But I guess what Matt did to me was karmic because everything that happened with him transpired when I was still with Travis. Isn't that terrible?

Maybe it is just my fate to be alone.

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