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Does James Have A Pool Or A Squaw?

So last night was homecoming. I ended up buying yet another kind of gothic style outfit even though my mother fought me the whole way on it, saying it was boring and over-done. I countered this, saying that it was the only thing that looked flattering on my hideous body.

Anyway, it was a purple brocade skirt with a black velvet corset-style top that had bell-sleeves. Some girl was wearing my same top. She's an underclassmen. I wanted to scream "How dare you?" in her face, because Goth has always been my THING at formal dances... but I restrained the urge. We took lots of pictures... and the little group that we came in was incredibly diverse. Mike was there in a suit with a bowtie, with his hair in a mohawk and a studded belt (he's not known as punk rock Mike for no reason), Christina was teetering on her black Frederick's Of Hollywood stiletto heels and her Camel Turkish Jade outfit, Andrea was looking quite the disco diva in her blue glittery number, Bonnie was ever so eighties with her crimped hair and black and white checkered dress, Miguel was wearing a sort of zoot suit, complete with hat, Stefan was in a black brocade and red satin gothic-style dress, and Kristina was in a very subtle dress, shades of brown and gold. All of the girls were wearing red lipstick.

And I had bangs. Grar.

So we got there, and took pictures. One of the whole group of all of us, one of just the senior girls, and one of me and Stefan. (The photographers found it amusing that we were wearing matching dresses).

Then, at around nine-thirty, Mike was getting very tired of being at homecoming, 1) because it was a skool function [and he doesn't even attend that skool] and 2) because he wanted a cigarette more than words could tell. He ended up leaving and we all left at around ten-thirty, before they even announced the king and queen, and two hours before it ended. That was kind of upsetting because it's my senior year AND I paid $15 to get in, my outfit cost $137, I only danced two songs, and we weren't even there for that long :(

But I reveled in the stares Stefan and I were getting from the ordinary, boring people, who were pointing, and then trying to pass it off like they weren't looking.

So after we left the dance (to which Melissa brought glow-sticks, hooray!) we went to Mike's house to decide what we were going to do. After much deliberation, and picking up three more people (Aaron, James, and Josh), we went to In-N-Out Burger in Fairfield, and then to a party at this guy named Jason's house (which was very nice and quite interesting). Miguel, Andrea, Stefan and myself stayed there until five, and everyone else who was with Bonnie went to Christina's house so they could "do fun things."


I somehow ended up hand-cuffed to Stefan and talking everything squaw in the garage with Miguel and Andrea.

Here are some of the things we came up with:

The Wizard of Squaw
Like Squaw-ter for Squaw-colate
Does James have a pool, or a squaw?
That cop thinks he's above the squaw
I won that fight, fair and squaw
John Es-Squaw-ga's Nugget
and many more.

This was the highlight of the evening.

For me at least.

I ended up getting home at six-thirty and falling asleep at seven, and when I woke up at 12.30, my Space Ghost tape was still playing. I was impressed. It is a long tape.

Quite the magical evening, I must say.

Except for the part where I was in a foul mood and felt like I was going to throw up on everyone.

And, I was violated by a very drunk girl... but Jason told me it was ok because she was all over everything that had a pulse that evening.


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