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A Girl Named Stardust Entered That Forbidden Town Of Lost Angels...

Headline courtesy of Craig!!

So I am going to LA in November for a weekend.

It will be delicious.

And Mr. Greene gave me a book of poetry yesterday just because he thought I'd like it.

Today my schedule was approved, so I'll be going to skool at ten.fifteen and leaving at twelve.fifteen.

It is a wonderful schedule, I do believe.

And after I drove home today, I stopped at the gas station to fill up my car. HE WAS HUNGRY! I bought a really cool green see-through keychain in the shape of a dice. I'm not that fond of green, but I HAD TO HAVE IT!!

While I was pumping gas, this older man in a cowboy outfit came up to me and started telling me all these places where I could get cheaper gas. I told him thanks, but I don't have cards for any of those places. Then he left...

..or so I thought.

He came back out and he was like, "I like your hair, are you going to a party?"

and I said, "No, it was for Halloween."

Then he says... "Are you married yet?"

And I say, "No, I'm only seventeen."

And he says, "Do you go to college?"

And I said, "No, I'm still in high school."

He then says, "Well, I'm George. What's your name?"

And I say, "Katie."

He says, "Nice meeting you, I'll probably see you around. You're a big girl for seventeen."

What the hell does that mean? And when I say older man, I mean older man. He must have been like 60, his hair (or what I could see of it from under the cowboy hat) was white.

Then, at a stop sign, this homie G in a Camaro honked at me and tried to get me to follow him.

Maybe I should wear this outfit more often.

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