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Sam, You've Stopped Speaking...

I forgot to say that the film I left at the store on Halloween... I am now in possession of it. The girl Sarah who was working there that night and the last time I went in remembered me and asked me if I ever came back for it. It was so nice of her. She's the one who is always there, and who I used to buy mints from back in the day when Travis used to take me to that restaurant and I used to be concerned about my breath.

I wish that I would have had poisonous breath so that he would have died. He sucked. The only kicks he gets now are the ones he gets by telling me how much I suck. And he's 20. And I could put him in jail for the things he's done to me. And I should, because he would deserve it. Fate only does so much...

Does anyone remember when Gheorghe did the Snickers commercial? For the kids? Those were happier times. That's when Mike was still here. I made him and Tom come with me. That was after Tom called me a bitch because I wouldn't let him use my camera.

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