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Honda 2000

Aaron has somehow acquired a Honda scooter which is very loud, whose headlight you can't turn off, and whose blinkers don't work.

It is fun to watch him and the other boys ride that thing. And supposedly he is getting a second one on Thursday.

What makes me so fond of these crazy people?

I want to go to Martinez and do some laundry. In that order. I want to do my laundry in Martinez, because they have the most wonderful laundromat there. It looks like a house, because its architecture is more than that of your average laundromat. I have not yet been inside but I bet there are sparkles on the walls.

I have lots of laundry to do.

Later today will be devoted entirely to the cleansing of my room and the production of mix tapes for the drive to LA, which is supposedly no longer my responsibility because Chris wants to take us in his Mustang. Red.

I want to drive down there so that I can be mobile and go places without having to ask anyone. What if I wanted to visit Audrey?

"Chris, can you take me to Audrey's house. You can't come, I just need to go there."

I don't think so. And there is no way around that sort of thing.

So now I am faced with a big decision.

I hate decisions.

Running in pairs so that you can smell the electric charge?


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