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Wax Asthmatic--

I put blue streaks in Katie Morgan's hair tonight and they look really pretty in the bright light.

And I also took a test to see how grunge I am:

I am 60% Grunge.

I am pretty dirty, all right and, I reek of teen spirit... I would sell my own children for a moldy hotpocket, man.

Take the Grunge Test at!

So that's me. That's funny. My room will never be satisfactorily clean, because it takes too long.

I did, however, manage to clean the table on which all of my make-up resides, and around it and in the corners. I am going little by little, and that is ok with me. One day, my room will be immaculate and I will leave it that way for years to come, and eventually it will be painted purple and silver and all will be well. There will be enough plugs in there.

But these are the same empty promises I always make to myself.

In my cleaning, I have uncovered numerous pens.

That is all.

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