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I've Done Wrong And I Wanna Suffer For My Sins

I've come to you, cos I need guidance to be true, and I just don't know where I can begin...

... what I need is a good defense...

... cos I'm feeling like a criminal...

Ok, so I went and saw Harry Potter. Very good. Warning to all easy cryers... DON'T GO UNPREPARED!! BRING TISSUE.

Or maybe it was just me, but that movie definitely makes a lump in one's throat.

And the movie theatre I saw it at has very good-looking management. I was watching this tall lanky guy walk around and take tickets and such. So when we got in the theatre, there was a thing on the screen that said they were hiring. I need a job anyways by next semester so that I can take a damn work permit class and earn credits, so I figured I'd pick up an application. I went out and asked one of the ushers where I could get an application, and he yells, "Hey!" to this other guy.. who turns out to be the cute manager guy.

"She needs an application," he told the manager guy.

"You can pick one up at the box office," he said, and then off he dashed. A movie theatre full of crazed Harry Potter fans who are dying to get into one of the SIX SCREENS that are showing it needs to be managed.

I think I have been inspired to actually turn this particular application in. Hee.

And tonight is Friday, which means, [tonight, anyway] that off I go to Los Angeles. Ciao!

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