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One Addiction To A Rush

There is one lucky girl who is posting!!

My Thanksgiving was good. Potatoes. That's all I have to say about that. Oh, and cherry tomatoes.

Then I got to drive home from Antioch by myself with the windows down and Faithless blasting. I was feeling so empowered that I stopped at this shifty ass gas station and left my car doors unlocked while I perused their treasures. They have bright blue tights there. For $1.49 a pair. WANT! And I had a dream that I had these really sexy shoes, they were like the ruby slippers, only platform style with Mary Jane straps. I was pissed when I woke up. So I have decided I am going to go later today and buy red sequins and glue them all over this pair of shoes I have that aren't that sexy, and they will become sexy. The shoes I plan to deface only cost $5 to begin with when 9&Co had its closing up sale, so I don't feel bad.

Another good thing, was that at ten o clock today, my parents woke me up with a question:

"We are going to your aunt and uncle's for a couple of days, do you want to come?"

No offense to anyone in my family, but I love it when I have the house to myself. So that I do. I am here on my own until Monday. I politely declined and now I am free!!

Before they left, my dad filled up my gas tank and left some bridge toll in the ashtray.

And they left me some scrill because they knew I wanted to go to the movies and such. I love my parents. They cover all of the little details.

Yes, we clash, but mostly we just get along.

I am lucky. Days... no, groups of days that go this well, are when I realise it.

Rebecca and I slammed our heads into the wall on Wednesday. We thought it was funny. Dr. Olowin thought it was outrageous.

All in favour of outrage, say "Aye!"


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