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I got up today and because of my meds I was all groggy and it looked as though everything was filtered, even my sense of touch was filtered, and I could feel my Vellux blanket on my feet and I swear to god it was the yummiest thing ever. The bed felt softer than it had ever felt and the temperature was perfect, the pillows cradled my head just right and the remote buttons for my stereo felt really awesome because they are made of rubber so when I pushed them it didn't even feel like I was pushing them it felt like I was just running my hands over something smooth and it knew what I wanted. Oh my god it was sooo good.

But enough of that. It makes me sound like a drug addict. It is Wednesday and I am once again craving some won ton soup. And I want the boat gone from the garage so that I can rollerskate down there. (It's all smooth and nice and nothing to trip over except the goddamn boat).

Every Wednesday I cross the bridge and then I go and get won ton soup, and I am wondering if that's what is going to happen today. Maybe I can talk my mother into getting me some board shorts today, because I realise the only short thing I have are black skirts. It's a shame they don't manufacture all cute skirts with little shorts underneath because I hate having to worry about whether or not people can see up my skirt, especially when I'm walking up a set of stairs or when I want to sit comfortably but I have to keep my legs crossed tighter than Satan's grip on sinners just to be a lady. It makes me mad. But anyways, I suppose I've acted like a spoiled child enough right now, so I shall take my leave.
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