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Good Opera Deserves To Be Appreciated

Honestly, most people think of opera and their gag reflex goes haywire, but some of it is really damn good.

Case in point: it was used as an opening for the Faithless song "Drifting Away". Beautiful. Magnificent. Deserving of an honest listen.

::steps off of soapbox::

So, here I sit enjoying a flat coke that I forgot to finish earlier... and I got a bunch of papers back from Mr. Greene today, most of them saying something like, "You should get your work published... you should send in your work."

I am so scared. I can't handle the idea of people reading the things I write with artistic intention. It doesn't bother me that people read this journal because mostly it is mindless drivel and not intended for an audience. I can't handle the fact that if I were to put out the book, someone might actually read it and like it. All the stuff I write and turn in... it's like it's shit. It's the stuff that's all floating around in my head that no one cares about. But they say I should try to get published. What if I did? What if they wanted me to do a book signing? I would feel like an asshole.

Maybe I will try to get something published... as a sort of last resort... because I am making my own path. No SAT's for me, no college, none of that. Maybe this is just a springboard for me to be scuttling along in the gutter amongst a mountain of welfare dollar bills, but maybe it is my shot at making something of myself without doing what all the other kids in America are doing. Maybe it is all a deluded fantasy. I'll do as I have been doing for the past seventeen years and see where my life takes me, watching my knuckles turn white as I hang on for the ride.

Ah yes, and I am happy to announce, I am officially a girlfriend. Didn't take long at all.

I wonder who originally did this song...?

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