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I Feel So Stupid

Yesterday, Mr. Greene said that before we presented our weekly pieces, we had to listen to three George Harrison songs.

I thought it was some kind of country singer... and then I asked the kids at my table who seemed to be interested who he was.

Some laughed at me, one said, "He's the unknown Beatle," and another girl, who is totally into the dark side of the world said, "It's the Beatle that's dead. He died. So we have to listen to his stuff. Because it's sad. Because he's dead."

I think I am the only one in existence who isn't completely impressed with the Beatles. I know of one other person... but she doesn't count because she's my ex boyfriend's mom. I felt guilty for not knowing, and for not feeling as sad as the rest of my classmates felt for having lost a "musical genius".

Maybe the meds ARE making me apathetic.

Oh, and since I didn't get online yesterday, I want to wish Libby a belated happy birthday, even though she rarely posts anymore :(

I hung out with Lindsay yesterday and had a girl's afternoon. She gave me a Lucky Charms watch and admitted that she sometimes will crinkle her nose in different temperatures to see where it will un-crinkle faster. I told her to post about that sort of thing, because the little human details are what bring delight. Maybe I am just crazy though.

Tea Leoni gets on my nerves. It's like she stole Joan Cusack's voice but isn't nearly as cool as her.

A flyer at skool was misprinted in saying that there would be a show at Wolves on SATURDAY at seven thirty in the pm. Last night I drove by there, and there was a huge crowd of people down there, which probably means the show was last night.

Bobby Wasabi is coming down tonight and if there is no show, we are going to work out a devious plan to take him and Lindsay shopping cart wrangling. It is also Aaron Hayes' birthday, so maybe he will come too. Or maybe he will just be getting drunk because he is turning 21. Who the hell knows.

"The naked chef? He's not really naked? I want my money back."

Someone just called me and didn't leave a message. I can't always get to the phone in time, so it irks me beyond belief when someone has a "private name private number" and doesn't leave a message. If I find out who it was I will blacklist them and then proceed to brutally maim them, regardless of whether or not they were my friend previously. This is a sin punishable by death.

I am strung out. My emotions are in all the wrong places. I need to clean my room. SOMETHING IS UNDER MY SKIN AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS!

Nurture, nurture, nurture. Hey, no more!!!

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