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She's Happy, Let Her Be Happy!

Tonight was rather interesting. It is Wednesday, and so I had girl's group in Concord. I had a wonderful day and everything, so I was very happy when I went in there and told about my week.

Then my doctor asked me if I was on SPEED. *Laughing uncontrollably*

After that I had to go into her office to get a prescription for more meds and she says to me "You swear you're not on something?" I wasn't on something, I was just in a very silly mood, and the fact that she thought I was on drugs made me laugh even harder because aside from Neurontin I am like the most straight edge person ever.

She said the way I was acting was very manic, and I didn't really care because I was in such high spirits. Her thinking that I was on speed will probably make me chortle until the day I die, because it's not like she was kidding, she seriously thought I was on speed. Ha!

I got the Chinese Food I was hoping for. It was yummy. Won ton soup is GOOD! Then I bought some Mr. Bubbles and this really cool bouncy ball (like a little kid, I know, but it was still exciting) and now I am as happy as a house cat.

I'm feeling very satisfied and satiated at the moment, so I think I am going to go to bed, but perhaps I will rendezvous with Tad, Moltar, and Zorak first. Then I'm gonna take my medication and people will think I'm on speed. Heh. Speed.

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