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Suck My Balls, They Taste Good!!

Last night, after having crafted a faulty bracelet with the name "DIB" on it, and a spectacularly feminine bracelet that said "HIM", Lindsay (with Avery and Bobby), and Stefan contacted me to tell me they were all at Stefan's and that I need to hurry up. I was in a foul mood, as I had been all day... I almost just put on my pink flower hat and stayed in bed. But I decided that I should clip back my bangs and drive over there bumping the ninja turtles rap instead. At least my comrades would get some amusement out of my ninja turtle lunacy...

So I arrive, and instead of the ninja turtles, I find I am bumping mono's "Life In Mono". Lindsay opens the door and says, "Damn, girl, yo' stereo is FAT!"

We then proceeded to stand out in the rain and just exchange weird looks, and then Avery, the voice of reason in this scenario, suggested that we go inside.

We get inside... my DIB bracelet breaks, Bobby and Stefan help me salvage the remains, and then... they get high. I sit in the living room, clutching my bag, thinking again, "Why am I here?"

Did I ever mention that I don't do... most drugs? Well, I don't.

So they get done and Aaron calls and says to meet him at "the stairs" (?) and to hurry. Fifteen minutes later after some chit-chat.. we sort of hurry down there... and Aaron is nowhere to be found. We call "w00t!" (Aaron's trademark word) into the night several times... we hear nothing. We trek down the stairs and the street, still calling w00t! and see a band of hooligans. It turns out to be two lonely kids looking for a light.

We walk all the way back and Avery is still at the top of the stairs.

"Maybe they're still at Wolves dicking around?" I say. The only smart thing that passes my lips all evening.

We drive down to Wolves, and sure enough, there's Aaron, 21 and drunk. Stumbling drunk. Funny drunk. Nathan is with him, bundled up like a New Yorker, complete with subtle plaid scarf. And Nathan is also inebriated. So they tell us we must go to the beach. They have been clever and hidden beer all over the town. They were making a pirate scavenger hunt. We drive them to the beach, and they load what looks like two cases of beer into the trunk of Stefan's Acura.

We drive then back to Wolves to round up the rest of the troupe, and then to the Park of Dreams, where they hid a lot of alcohol. Lucky that they removed it all so that a day later the little kids wouldn't find any surprises in the tower. They all sat around drinking and socialising, and I only took part in the socialising. Avery and I reminisced about a certain freshman-year party where we "huffed butane" and he stepped in a hole up to his knee which looked a lot less deep and had wet pants until we went back into Christina's grandma's house. Ha! Such days!

I gave Nathan his first candy ever. It was purple, because candy doesn't really come manly.

After some more drinking and Aaron spraying us all with beer from one of the towers, we went back down to Wolves, [and by this time I had stolen Nathan's scarf and wrapped it around my head in a Russian manner, calling myself 'Mama Theresa'] where Pax was in full play and I saw some people from back in the day, and where we parted with Lindsay, Bobby, and Avery. I asked Nicole Schmidt if she wanted some "Vod-ka", and she asked me if Lauren was staying with me. I said yes. I am so excited. Lauren is coming back to California for Christmas and she is staying with me for a few days!! I also saw Lindsey Hinton, who I love and who posed me the same question, and gave me her cell phone number because we never see each other unless it's downtown.

Then I saw Dane. He greeted me with, "Hey PHOEBE!!" I love that I have a million different names. The best part is that if he heard someone call me Katie, he would go, "Who's Katie?". Him and DJ both.. have never called me Katie. And Victoria. It's wonderful. Dane is the guy that DJ threw the German book at because he was acting M.R.

The show ended with Warren and Mike screaming at one of the Deb's [one of the owner's of the cafe]: "You have a mullet! You're a man!" and just random other things. Screams, cries in the dark. Deb was screaming at them and cursing and telling them to get away. Just as Warren and Mike jumped in the car, Aaron came up to the window... "I'll meet you guys at my house.. the cops just rolled up."

Warren turned to me to see who he was sitting next to. "WHO ARE YOU?" he shouted, and stuck his hand out in a weirdly gentlemanly fashion.

"I'm Katie," I said. "You met me at Morgan's."

"Oh yeah," He said. "You! WOO! HA HA HA!"

"How much have you had to drink?" I asked him.

"None," he said. "I don't drink alcohol." I believed him, because I can act crazy like that without being drunk.

Then Mike, who was also in the back-seat, said, "Hey Stefan, why are you doing the chauffeur thing?"

"Because Aaron's not in the car," He said. I realised that he was all alone up there and three people were crammed in his backseat.

Warren to the rescue: "I'll fuckin' climb up there with you, Stefan." He then climbed all over the seats and started fidgeting around in the front. The back became suddenly much more spacious. I should have realised Warren was drunk simply because he was wearing a wifebeater in the pouring down rain, but I didn't until he did one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He rolled down the window and stuck himself out of it, to the torso, and started screaming out the window.

"WOO! OW!! Suck my BALLS! They taste GOOD! LICK MY SCROTUM!! OW!! FUCK THE COPS!! FUCK THEM! Suck my LONG COCK!! FUCK YOU! Wooo!!" I was sitting in the back, my hands over my mouth, shaking with laughter, and Mike said casually, "Christina is having Thanksgiving at her house tomorrow, you should come."

"Are you seeing this?" I asked Mike. It didn't seem to faze him.

"Yeah," Mike said. "He's fucking drunk."

"He said he wasn't.." I said.

"You believed him?" Mike laughed at this. Yes. I am an idiot. Warren screamed all the way up to Aaron's house, where along the way, we saw Kris [Stefan's younger brother, more commonly known as Krotch] standing outside, and to whom Warren yelled, "Come up to Aaron's house! PARTY!"

This is also what Nathan told everyone inside of Wolves.

So Kris-Krotch came up to Aaron's for a while and sat around saying things like, "Yeah" and "What?" and "Uh". A True beacon of intelligence, that one.

Warren then sat, quite composed, in the living room for a few seconds, and then asked me if he should go out into the street and yell.

I shouldn't have said yes, but I love watching people do crazy things like that.

He ran out into the middle of the street, and it was midnight and a half by this time, and yelled the following.

"HEY BENICIA!" I thought this was rather like the opening of a concert. You know, HEY CHICAGO, HEY DALLAS, whatever...


Colin came out and said, "Warren, get in here, goddamnit, the cops are looking for us."

"Fuck the COPS!" But he went inside anyway. Then everyone went into Aaron's garage, where they proceeded to smash chairs, speakers, computer monitors, big pieces of wood, anything they could get their hands on. James asked me to buy him a pack of cigarettes, and since I wasn't of age, but COULD drive because I was sober... Stefan, Aaron and myself went down to Chevron to buy cigarettes and alcohol. It was a success. And we ran into Matt B. who offered us a moldy... hot pocket of some sort. We politely declined and went back up to Aaron's house where I sprayed lots of Neutra Air in the living room. Once the living room was deodorised, everyone came back inside and sat down, quite calm and manageable. Until they started screaming. All of them. As I was surrounded by the screams and grunts of five or so young adult males, I realised I was the only girl there. And it didn't matter.

They all screamed long and loud for no reason. Cheers to that! What ever happened to doing this just for the hell of it?

And soon thereafter, it was one fifty and I had to drive home because my curfew is two.

I go out to my car and everyone follows me, thinking I am going to take them on a whiskey run. Aaron hands me his keys and says, "Keep these away from me. I am dangerous." So I put them in my glove box.

I say goodbye to Stefan and everyone, and suddenly I find, I'm not alone in my car. Nathan is in the front passenger seat, and Aaron is in the seat behind him.

"Just drive away," Aaron says. "As long as they think I am going to get liquor it will all be ok." After we drive a little ways away, Aaron says, "Katie, how can I get rid of them? Can you take them away from my house?"

I was very sorry that I couldn't, because I had to make curfew.

"Take me home." Nathan said. He looked like he was no longer having fun. He looked instead like he was about to be sick.

So, as I tried to make my way to his house, I realised he was giving me directions to his car. So I asked Aaron to give me directions to his house. It was raining like crazy, no way was he going to use his car.

We get to his house, and he has stopped speaking entirely. Aaron is trying his best to offer him a ride to his car in the morning, or at least something to get his spirits up... and it's not working.

He gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and says, "Bye, Katie," and almost leaves his scarf in the seat.

"Here, you almost forgot this," I say.

He reaches in to get it and almost topples over. Aaron catches him and then sends him on his way to his front door. He gets in shot-gun and has to fiddle with the rear door lock to get it to lock. I hate not having power locks. I drive him back up to his house and drop him off, give him back his keys [since his car is on first street] and then I drive home, watch Donny Osmond, and then go to sleep.

Then I woke up this morning, and I find that Aaron didn't go to work, that the party never really died out, and that he is still drunk.

Ah yes. Small-town living.

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