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Today, I, like many of my fellow LJ posters, did not go to skool. I have been under the weather for about a week now... and I just couldn't handle it. I'm not on the roll sheets anyway. And I am going to go tomorrow, so I don't feel that bad.

Around twelve thirty I rolled out of bed and took a much-needed shower, didn't get any cleaning done, called Nathan, and then went over to his house and gave him a haircut.

Not soon after that was done, Aaron came over, and when he saw me in the house, he looked outside to see if my car was there, crinkled up his face and said, "What are YOU doing here?"

I forgot how weird it is to see unexpected people in places you thought would be empty...

I then took them to get coffee and to the bank to cash Aaron's paycheck, and then I dropped them off back at Nathan's and went to Safeway, where I acquired my needed weekly fix.

Cutting Nathan's hair made me want to cut mine. Because I've been toying with the idea for about a month. I miss having it all short and messy and T-Boz like, but if I cut it, I will get pissed off at myself come winter ball or prom time because every time it starts to get long I cut it again. I am SO inconsistent... I should have been born male...

BUT I NEEDED A BOB FOR WINTER BALL! And I have to find silver hair-dye, so I can have a silver BOB... to go with my silver BOOTS... and silver TIGHTS... and silver GLITTER... and silver EYESHADOW... and the silver DRESS that Kathy said she would help me make...

I want to be silver like an ice-queen for winter ball. Last dance, I took a boy in a dress... this time I need to look like I am from outer space or something... because I am not going to waste all of my senior events being mediocre.

"There's nothing worse in the world than being ordinary."

I want to dye my hair. My blonde roots make me vomit. I want to dye it and cut it and become a new person. I had whitish silver hair mixed with green, and it looked COOL! I also had white and silver mixed with PURPLE... and it is one of my USER ICONS.

And my damn paid account expired, and pay pal is being an asshole because the credit card's expiration date is like... three years from now so it can't be verified. I want to kill them....


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