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We'll Choke On It And Die...

I'm tired but it seems as though I haven't a care in the world. My feet are sore and swollen and my eyes are bloodshot but I've got the Powerpuff Girls to keep me company. I miss Lauren and Fidel. I want to hang out with Mike and Mya on my birthday but I don't know if I can swing it. It's a Monday for crying out loud. I don't know how I'm gonna get down to South San Francisco on a Monday.

I actually feel really bad because most of the time I hate my brother but he's still really nice to me. When I need money he'll give it to me, he's very accommodating and if I keep acting like a stupid bitch like I'm doing I'm not gonna have a brother to rely on when I'm in my thirties because he'll have his happy family and I will be the black sheep that everyone will be oh so eager to forget about.

Wedge woke up with a bloody nose today and that made me think that never in my life have I had a bloody nose. I got in a car accident where my face was smashed up against the dashboard (there's still red lipstick marks) and my nose hit it square, and it started to tingle and everything but it didn't bleed. I got hit square in the nose with a football and the same thing happened. It tingled and everything, I just didn't bleed. In fact, I am a rather dull person. I don't sustain injury. Never had a broken bone, never had a nose bleed, never had a black eye (although I've had my face rammed into a wooden bedpost), never anything. I never bruise. If there was some monumental battle and I won, I would have nothing to show for it except maybe for a few scratches. Weird right? Dull. Right.
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