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Oh baby, it's all over now. I need to go get my CD's so that I can do some uploading tonight, I have been meaning to forever and a day. My Tom Cochrane CD is still lost and I went looking for it last night at Rasputin's and they have no trace of it, not even an empty name-plate. Danny Biro still has my Crispin Glover CD, and I his book. I tried to write him an e-mail to return all of these things to their owners, and have gotten no response, though I wrote it WEEKS ago.

Today I went to In-N-Out Burger in Napa where they are hiring people to work for $8.25/hr. I know it's food work, but with those wages, I'd be making about $200 a week, which equals $800 a month, which means if I got two responsible roommates, we could live comfortably in a condo. It would be delicious.

So, yeah. I had more to say but now I am distracted.

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