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Tayy In The Weeeend

So it's true: Ms. Scarpaci is dead. She was strangled.

I barely got out of bed today, but I made myself go to skool, and when I got there, there were cops and reporters and counselors and the school psychologists walking around on campus. It was weird, it was like a scene out of Scream. The reporters were interviewing people in the lobby and on the hill and one of the reporters was so beautiful I saw her standing stone-faced on the stairs and I just wanted to stare at her. James knows what I am talking about... he told me he couldn't stop staring at this guy on the BART train. I love watching people, and with everything that was going on there was a lot to see today. I got about three hours of sleep last night because I stopped taking my meds. I also talked to Mat who was under the weather.

I got into my first period class (which is everyone else's third period) and started crying. Not because I was particularly sad, just because this season has been a lot to handle. Vince asked me if I was crying, and I said no, because I was fine really my eyes were just gushing. He said I had tears in my eyes and asked me if I was really ok. What is ok anyway?

Lindsay took me out for pizza at lunch and then cut her fifth period class to hang out with me. We went to Linens N Things and she laughed at me while I grabbed things that looked like they were from outerspace and said, "This is going to be in my space house!" I want a space house when I grow up. Not in space, but looking like a lot of things in it are from space. I want some moon rocks.

Angelique told me I had an amazing smile. I'm taking her out to lunch on Wednesday.

I still feel sick to my stomach like I did when I woke up in Richmond.

Fred is going to help me with the 1984 test because I swear to God there is no way in Hell I can read that AND two-hundred pages of Poe, AND do two chapters of Math, four of history, and two chapters of my physical fitness book. But I still have to find his phone number. I'm going to call Christina.

My homework plate is full. I doubt I'll be picking up the telephone tonight.

Last night I found my red and white striped tights. My legs looked like big candy canes today. It was fun.

Today has been a weird day. I am going to get some shut-eye before I have to call Fred.

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