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The Sexiest Day Of My Life!

Yesterday, Saturday May 12th, was the sexiest day of my life!

I went to Santa Cruz with two bus loads of other people but only hung out with four of them. The choice four were a group of sexy young individuals. Boy was it sexy.

Ok... so here's the story behind it being sexy. For one, we were all at the beach, a very sexy place indeed. For two, it was cold when we got there, and there was this one chick (isn't there always) who insisted on wearing only her sarong, a skimpy-ass bikini top, a belly chain and some flip-flops. You could tell she was cold. Since she's kind of a whore anyway, so I lifted up my shirt half-way and waddled around with my chest stuck out going, "Oh look at me, aren't I sexy? Doesn't this 2-degree weather make me SEXY?"

From then on, we decided we were going to try to spend the rest of the day looking sexy. We liberally applied blue eye shadow and red lipstick, and walked around with our chests sticking out, loud and proud, going on all the rides and telling people who we were pals with not to bother us, because we were sexy. It was a great running joke.

We also discovered the best pickup line in the world: "Danny?" It's too long to explain in this post, so I'll do it later.

In short, we had a blast, we made the most of the day, and we took tons of pictures which will shortly be up on the internet, on a site that will probably be titled something along the lines of: "Santa Cruz: The Sexiest Day Of My Life"

The ride Chaos was "Hell" in the words of Christina and when I went on it again, I realised why I was so terrified the last time. Last but not least, we all adopted "sexy" names for the day, and they are as follows:

Me: Carpella
Christina: Ginger
Andrea: Kiki
Tanja: Well, hers was already sexy enough, so she was Tanja
Anissa: Isobel

Space Ghost is on later so I am all excited.

Today I went and bought a Teletubbies balloon for Jessica, it's her birthday (and mine, and George Lucas' and David Byrne's) tomorrow, so isn't everyone excited? Right. I thought not. But still, she will love the balloon. Uh-oh PO!

Did anyone know that PO is the German word for butt? The long form of it is Popo, which I thought was interesting. You think the makers of the Teletubbie show knew that? Probably.

Well, I'm off to fraternise with Tad and drink some Black Cherry soda.

Stay sexy!
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