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Tie Red

Yesterday was spent hanging out in the company of the beautiful Lindsay the movie star. She gave me my Christmas presents: A lighty-flashy bracelet for which I am ever so thankful and will be obnoxiously overused on New Years... and a book called "Li'l Mama's Rules". It is wonderful. Lindsay is helping me become a sista, because that is my life's ambition.

Five days till Lauren comes. When we pick her up, she will have just turned seventeen. The girl's got a Christmas birthday. I've got so many people to buy for, it's ridiculous. I am so broke, and they don't realise that. And I feel bad because I can't buy everyone extravagant gifts, and yet people buy things for me. "Because it feels good, because I finally have money because I am working." I need a job. I never turned in that In-N-Out Application... maybe I should today. I need to wait until my mom gets home so that I can get some gas. If I try to drive to Napa on the gas I have I will be stranded. This year will be a year of gifts that I make. I'm sure people will like that, right?

I also hung out with the wonderful Stefan last night, and we watched X-Men. Too bad I just ended up getting all attention deficit like I always do and made fun of Anna Paquin the whole time, and feeling the insane urge to explain to him the little references the movie made toward the comic books, because he was never into X-Men.

I want to DO something, I am very bored. I think I am going to go get lunch and try to figure out what to get for everyone... check my messages, drop off some film, and make some gifts.

I hate being po'. OK, so I'm not poor, because we're actually rather well off, but as an individual, I hold only four dollars to my name, which I am going to squander now.

That is all.

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