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What A Cunning Way To Condescend...

I turned in my application last night, and the guy behind the counter took it and said, "Thank you, Katie."

The "hiring" sign was still in the window, and I asked the guy Steve who was working drive through if they were still hiring.

"Yeah, we're always hiring!"

I hope I hope I hope. If I can't get people Christmas presents maybe I can get them New Year's presents?

Oh yeah, and I want to blow my paycheck buying some fun stuff for me too.

*Space toaster (purely to look at, not use)
*Space microwave (same as above)
*Mini fridge
*Harry Potter merch (because I am a consumer!!)
*Scanner (I just got some adorable pics of Mya and Fidel back)
*Victorian stuff (bedsheets and draperies and clothing and the like)

Yeah. Plus, I'll have the freedom to buy my friends random things if I see things that remind me of them. And I will have money to pay for my gas and the bridge and stuff so I can go places.

Perhaps after a while I will be less frivolous and start saving up to move out, but for now I am only seventeen and have a while to go before I actually have to start growing up.

It's so nice to fantasize about people hiring me and me liking my job.

Which brings me to another point. All the people that work there are destined to hate me, I just know it. They're all clean-cut boys and girls next door, and they probably love their families and have never heard of cutting and think that people that dye their hair do drugs all the time and are very promiscuous beasts. But I'm sure I can find some way to connect with these people who seem so alien.

And besides, I'm just stereotyping.

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