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pollytrance's Journal

alecto - your little bluejay
14 May 1984
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hello there chaps. my name is banana fingers.

"It's like the Backstreet Boys, riding a dinosaur. What more could you want?"

"you make me feel gayer than the last guy I had sex with."

"Oh good. Will you bleach my hair?"

"I am guessing you had the best face paint on the train."

"Also, Wilson-Phillips?"

"Have I ever told you that you are the best story-teller ever? Because, you pretty much are."

"So, really though, what does the dentist taste like? Crest White strips? Semen?"

"i put a picture of me being goth & moody on myspace for you"

"It's not a "secret fetish" when you announce it all the time!"

"Now everytime I see the Warriors on the newspaper/news I think of you!!"

"I'm afraid to go to the dentist now."

"It's just that other people don't feel the rainbow like we do. Boo on them."

"haha ladle...and drunken crosswords..."

"The way you write is, like, the way people take drugs to write like."


"you remind me so much of myself, it's amazing."

"You're strong. And you're a pain in the ass. Qualities that I envy."


This is the meaning of 5000.

Not sharing joy and
Forgetting how to be so
Secure with someone*

Also, myspace. Just in case.

la douleur exquise!

the exquisite pain

...but there was nothing exquisite about it.

*yum, a haiku!


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